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UPDATE 10/8/17

The 2017 season wraps up at Three Hills in Nebraska City on October 29th!  We will be racing on our newly redesigned course, which debuted at the AHRMA National in August.  The track is challenging, very much like an old-school mx track.  We will be racing on natural terrain…grass even, and with our recent rains and cool weather, the track will be in great shape!  Looking forward to seeing all of you there!

UPDATE 8/14/17

The GPVMX crew (and some very helpful volunteers) worked on the new track Saturday and laid out several new sections that will run through grass!  With the recent rains (and our water truck), we think we have the closest thing to Unadilla this side of the Mississippi!

We have entries from 14 states for both motocross and trials!  We are proud of our unique trophies for this event.  Food vendor is set and we are almost ready to race. Remember, you MUST be an AHRMA member in order to compete during this weekend.  You can get a weekend AHRMA membership here:


UPDATE 7/11/17

We are getting ready for our July 16th race…it will be hot, but we are amping up our water truck and hope to be laying down lots of water this Saturday before the event.  Hopefully, Mother Nature will do her part and bring us some gentle rain…but hold the high winds and twisters, please!

Also…a few reminders for all racers.  Everyone forgets now and then, even the most veteran of folks.  So, here are some things to keep in mind!

  • Number plates are required.  Even if you are just out for fun, you must have plates with numbers!  And…we are getting lots of “1’s” and “11’s”, so get creative.  And remember, “X” is NOT a number!
  • Helmets.  Required.  No riding on the starting line, burn out area, etc., without them.
  • Sign in early.  Print out the form!  Be ready to go!  The earlier that you get signed in, the quicker we can get the program going.  And please: make life easier for our sign up team by NOT changing classes after sign up has ended!
  • Do not enter the race track on your bike unless you have signed up and are wearing your wrist band.  No exceptions.  Your buddy can’t “take a lap” to see what the track looks like unless he/she is signed up as a racer.
  • Your sixteen year-old minor can race…but we MUST have the proper forms and they MUST be notarized!  The information can be found elsewhere on the web site!

UPDATE 5/10/17

Our opening round of the 2017 GPVMX Series was a smoking success!  Thanks to you, we set a record for both attendance and number of rider entries!  We were able to battle through some slightly dusty conditions…and put our new and improved water truck to work for the second set of motos.  Many riders told us that it made an difference…without making the track slick and greasy!

We had riders from Colorado, Kansas, Missouri and South Dakota make the drive to race with us on our newly-widened track.  Bruce and Peg Kriefels provided a great meal deal (hamburger, chips and a drink for a measly $5) and a good time was had by all!  Looking forward to our next event on July 16th!

UPDATE 4/26/17

The GPVMX crew spent some time at the track last weekend.  We have rerouted the course slightly, with a new downhill section near the starting line.  This change eliminates the old downhill section, which took racers precariously close to a barbed wire fence!  While there were no complaints (and even better, no injuries), we decided to move the section and take the fence out of the mix entirely!

UPDATE 4/7/17

Well, it took some serious legal work, but we are now able to allow minors (under age 19…but must be at least 16 years of age) to compete on race day!  We want to do everything we can to help welcome the new generation to the old bikes and we feel this is an important first step toward reaching that goal!

Please note the new tab: Minor Release Forms.  There are two forms which MUST be filled out BEFORE RACE DAY!  You will see that a Notary Public must witness and sign the forms.

Once you do this, you and your minor are good to go for the rest of 2017.  You DO NOT NEED to bring a new form to each race!  We will keep this on file and your minor will be able to participate.  Thanks in advance for your understanding and patience!

UPDATE 3/11/17

Spring is almost here!  Are all of you cats ready to ride?  We have been hearing lots of stories about guys finding great old bikes over the winter and getting them ready to race in our vintage classes!  Again, we have no bones with our brethren who ride the modern machines, but the older scoots have so much character…and they are easier to upkeep!  We who have been bitten by the vintage bug are having a great time…and would love to see more of you join us!

Again, note that the April 2nd date at Abbott has now been moved to September 17th.  This postponement was out of our control, but we understand that things can happen and we are thankful that Craig was able to find another date for us!  Until then, however, we are going racing at Three Hills!  Hope to see all of you on May 7th!

UPDATE 2/4/17

You asked for it…we’re making it happen!  We have worked with our insurance carrier and will now be able to allow younger riders to compete on race day!  With the properly filled out form (coming soon), riders as young as 16 will now be able to enter and race.  The form must be filled out in advance and signed by both parents.  We will have more information on this very soon, but until then, thanks for your patience!  Welcome aboard, young ‘uns!

UPDATE 11/30/16

The Great Plains Vintage Motocross LLC is excited to announce that our Three Hills track has been selected to host a round of The American Historic Racing Motorcycle Association (AHRMA) Vintage, Post-Vintage and Trials Championship series on August 19-20, 2017!  More details will be coming soon…but SAVE THE DATE!  This is an event you will not want to miss!

UPDATE 10/21/16

As most of you know, we changed the class structure after the first race to better accommodate folks who wanted to run more than one class, which has caused a fair amount of confusion. We have attempted to combine the affected classes with the subsequent structure as follows:

  • 50+ classes with the corresponding 40+ classes.
  • Beginner Moderns were merged with Beginner (Evo and Modern). Riders in Race 1’s modern class were allocated to either Modern A or Modern B, depending on what skill level they raced later in the season. (They were therefore scored separately in Race 1).
  • ALSO, PLEASE  ALSO NOTE that, to be awarded a series championship, you will have had to have raced AT LEAST TWO RACES in that class. (We had the same requirement last year).

UPDATE 10/3/16 – Preparations are underway for this Sunday (October 9th) at Three Hills, Nebraska City for Round Five of the Great Plains Vintage MX Series.  We will be working (and watering!) the track and are looking forward to one of our biggest weekends of racing in 2016!  See you Sunday!

UPDATE 9/14/16 – We didn’t think we could do it, but we are now able to add a fourth event to our Three Hills calendar, so the original location at Abbott MX in Lincoln is off…and we are thrilled to return to our natural track at Three Hills in Nebraska City.  Check back here or stay in touch with us on our Facebook page for more information as we go!

UPDATE 9/5/16 – The racing at Abbott MX Park was another great day for the GPVMX Series!  The track, though a bit slippery in practice, was loamy and nearly-perfect by the time the motos got underway!  Maicos, CZ’s, Husqvarnas and some great old Japanese machinery were tearin’ it up all day long!  Many thanks to Craig Fritz at Abbott for helping us putting on a great event.

Our next race is October 9th!  Check back for a MAJOR announcement!  Watch this space!

UPDATE 8/15/16 – The Great Plains Vintage MX Series will visit Abbott MX Park on August 28th for Round IV on our 2016 schedule!  We have had excellent rider turnout at our first three rounds (Three Hills, Three Hills and Sully, Iowa) and some amazing old machinery (with matching riders) have shown up to fill the air with the sweet smell of two-stroke pre-mix!  The Abbott MX Park folks have built a vintage-only track, separate from the modern bike track, which is very friendly to the older bikes.  The track winds down into the trees, with several tight turns…then sends racers back out into the flat, with a couple of modest jumps and a fast sweeper!  Abbott has their own water truck, so dust will not be an issue.  More as raceday draws nearer!

Update 6/1/16 – We have added a thorough description of our classes on our “Classes and Rules” page!  We hope this answers your questions about which classes you should enter, but let us know if you still need some guidance!  Rest assured…there is a class for you and your bike in our series!

Update 5/29/16 – Round Two of the Great Plains Vintage Motocross series will be held on June 5th, back at the Three Hills Event Center in Nebraska City! We had a great turnout at our inaugural event last month and are looking forward to even more fun as we start preparing for the next event. More giveaway prizes (and no raffle tickets needed this time!) from Sid Dillon Motorsports and Motion Pro! We are modifying the track in a few spots, including a slightly wider first turn!  We will be working on the track throughout the week and are looking forward to a great turnout!

Update 4/25/16 – Round 1 of the 2016 GPVMX Series is in the books!  We had a wildly successful day in at our new Three Hills track in Nebraska City on Sunday, April 24th!  More than fifty riders showed up…and we had nearly eighty entries.  At least one rider rode three different classes!  We had riders who started racing mx in the 1970’s…and several competitors who were on a motocross track for the very first time!  The rain stopped as the morning sky greeted several campers at the facility…and it held off for the rest of the day!  There were no injuries, no complaints and nobody walked away without a smile on their face…and that includes the many spectators who came out to see what was going on in beautiful, historic Nebraska City.

Photos are coming…check out the new video from the day!  Next race is June 5th, but keep posted on our Facebook page and the web site, as we will be bringing you constant developments!

Update 4/18/16 – We are excited to announce that Motion Pro will be sending us a box of fun stuff to give away this season!  Sign up, get a ticket and get a chance to win some cool freebies!

We are also going to have SCOOTERS coffee folks at the track that morning to help everybody get going!  And a food vendor will be there for lunch!

Camping is available the night of April 23rd.  There are 30 amp and 50 amp hook ups.  Porta-Johns, but no running water or sewer.  The fee for camping is $20.

Update 4/16/16 -WATCH THIS SPACE! We are really stoked that so many of you will be coming out to Nebraska City on April 24th for Round 1 of the 2016 Great Plains Vintage Motocross Series! Just this heads up: we will NOT have any classes for quads, RZRS, three-wheelers, etc. At this point, we are limited to two wheeled machines only! Thanks…see you at the races!

Update 4/2/16 – We did some major work on April 1st (no foolin’) at our new Three Hills Motocross track in Nebraska City.  The dirt is amazingly soft and it disced up nicely.  We marked off corners and boundaries and set up our designated starting line area, finish line as well as marking off the safe road back to the pits (which, btw, are flat, level and graveled…with a limited number of AC hook ups).  We think our 1.2 mile track will make you think you got lost in Unadilla!  Which, by the way, is actually the name of a town just west of Nebraska CIty!

Click on the images…check us out on our Facebook page


…and most importantly, lock in our first race on April 24th!

Thanks for finding us!  See you at the races!

This is our starting line...still a work in a progress! Wide, gentle uphill...and a nice wide first-turn.
This is our starting line…still a work in a progress! Wide, gentle uphill…and a nice wide first-turn.

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