Real Moto-Cross!



Four score and twelve years ago, our dirt-bikin’ forefathers marked out a track over natural terrain, lined up their motorcycles and kicked up some dirt.  They called it “Moto-Cross” and indeed, it was GOOD!

If you’re looking for a place to race your mx bike, regardless of its age (although we are partial to bikes with two shocks, cylinder fins and drum brakes), then have we got a show for you!  The Great Plains Vintage MX association is kicking off our second season in 2017 with our two vintage tracks, each designed to to honor the roots of our sport.  No double (or triple) jumps, no rhythm sections or man-made whoop-de-doos!

Check out our site, like our Facebook page (Great Plains Vintage Motocross) and most importantly, come on out and join us! See you at the races!


October 29th is the final race of the season!  The GPVMX series returns to Three Hills in Nebraska City!  Championships will be decided, it’s the final round of the GPVMX/MOVMX Challenge and we have lots of gift cards and other cool mx items to give away!


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